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Please find below our catalogs for Extra Quality Individual Pieces, as well as Grade 1 Mixed Size Lots. We have carefully graded all pieces and can assure of consistent quality grading standards. (Please see more details about our sizes and quality grades at the bottom of this page.) All of our pricing is wholesale and considers a minimum purchase of US$ 2000, considering the purchase of any combination of our products, be they Extra Quality Individual Pieces from any of the three size categories in this web site (M, L, XL), as well any of our Grade 1 Mixed Size Lots. The indicated pricing is CIF USA, meaning that we pay for all of the freight charges from Chile to your address in the US, considering shipment to the lower 48 states. Please request quotes for shipment to other countries aside from the US. We can accept payments by Paypal or by international wire transfer.

Also please check this web site periodically as we are constantly uploading new Pica Glass products.

Extra Quality Individual Pieces (US$ 0.50 per gm. anywhere in the lower 48 states)

Size M

(Medium, 300 - 700 gm.)

Size L

(Large, 701 - 2000 gm.)

Size XL

(X Large, 2001 - 5000 gm.)

Grade 1 Quality Mixed Size Lots (US$ 0.30 per gm. anywhere in the lower 48 states)

Set 1

(8 pieces, 3,723 gm.)

US$ 1,116.00

Set 2

(8 pieces, 4,321 gm.)

US$ 1,296.00

Set 3

(8 pieces, 3,642 gm.)

US$ 1,092.00

Set 4

(7 pieces, 3,654 gm.)

US$ 1,096.00

Set 5

(8 pieces, 4,423 gm.)

US$ 1,326.00

Set 6

(7 pieces, 3,912 gm.)

US$ 1,173.00

Set 7

(8 pieces, 4,649 gm.)

US$ 1,394.00

Set 8

(10 pieces, 3,643 gm.)

US$ 1,092.00

Quality Chart for
Pica Glass

Extra Grade (E)

Grade 1 (1)

Grade 2 (2)

*Details about quality grading are explained below.

Size Chart for Pica Glass

XS (Extra Small): 1 to 100 gm.
S (Small): 101 to 300 gm.

M (Medium): 301 to 700 gm.

L (Large): 701 to 2000 gm.

XL (Extra Large): 2001+ gm.

*DETAILS ABOUT OUR QUALITY GRADING: Our quality grading is based principally on the presence or lack thereof of certain forms and shapes within each piece, such as nodules, striations, bends and folds, which are considered as the principal unique aspects of the forms and shapes present in Pica Glass. For instance, our “Extra Quality” Pica Glass  includes two or more of these mentioned forms or shapes, as well as good and consistent overall color and appearance, while “Grade 1” has one to two of these mentioned forms or shapes, as well as good overall color and appearance. “Grade 2” (not listed yet on this web site) has only one of these forms or shapes, which are also less defined than higher grades, and the overall color and appearance are generally more pallid and/or less uniform. We estimate that only about 3% of all of the originally available Pica Glass from Chile is extra quality, and that the vast majority of this extra quality has already been collected. We are currently shipping only Extra Quality Individual Pieces in medium, large and extra large sizes as well as Grade 1 Mixed Size Lots from Chile. But, please contact us if you have interest in Grade 2 quality Pica Glass

Also, please see the following points concerning the names and associated details of the “individually” listed pieces of Pica Glass within this catalog.
Example and details of a name of a piece Pica Glass,  as they are listed in this catalog: PICA GLASS #1,XL,E(38X37X12CM,4832GM): 

· The piece number in this case is: PICA GLASS #1,XL,E
· #1 means that this is piece #1, within the category XL,E  
· The category XL,E implies that this particular piece is of “XL” size (Extra Large) and, also implies that the piece is of “E” quality (Extra).
· The numbers “38X37X12CM,4832GM” shown in the name refer to the dimensions (in centimeters) and the weight of the piece (in grams).

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