About Us

Greetings from Chile. My name is Ross Grange. I am originally from the state of Colorado in the
US. I arrived in Chile in 1990 with my wife Sachiko and along with raising a family here; we
have had the pleasure of getting to know this unique country. We also formed our own import
and export company here in 1994 and in recent years we’ve developed business in rocks and

Since the pre-Columbian times, Chile has had a long history of mining and also cultural use of
many different rock and minerals. Chile is also is well known in the area of meteorites and
impactites, especially from the Atacama Desert area in north Chile. Being the driest desert in
the world, the Atacama is a special environment where these elements of extraterrestrial origin
or influence are preserved in a pristine state.     

Over the past two years, we’ve been fortunate to become acquainted with a unique impactite
known as Pica Glass. During several trips to the Atacama Desert, we’ve collected an excellent
variety of Pica Glass, which we now are offering on an international level through this web site.
It is our pleasure to attend your interest in this special impactite. Please feel free to contact me
directly at the following for any questions you may have: Email: rsgrange@gmail.com 
Whatsapp: +56 9 9222-9094

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, Ross

PS: To avoid confusion, I would like to mention that our main web site for the sales of a large variety of different rocks and minerals in Chile is www.terracrystal.cl, where we also offer a small quantity of Pica Glass on a retail basis, in Spanish language and in Chilean currency for our customers inside of the country. But for our international sales of Pica Glass, we have created this particular website of www.picaglass.cl in English, where we offer a dedicated stock of highest quality Pica Glass. Also, the pricing in this international website is wholesale, in US dollars and is of course, considerably less than our retail pricing in Chile. Thank you.   


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