About Pica Glass

Pica Glass is a very unique type of impactite that was formed approximately 12,000 years ago by a powerful airburst explosion (bolide) in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. Related articles published by the Geological Society of America and others show that this explosion was caused by the unusual occurrence of a comet or a comet fragment and not a meteorite, which exploded in the atmosphere, before hitting the earth, causing tremendous heat and winds that created an instantaneous metamorphic transformation of the surface minerals in the area, which in turn caused the formation of these unique Pica Glass impactites. Within Pica Glass, studies indicate that they contain trace amounts of certain minerals in certain concentrations and combinations that are found only in comets, as was discovered in the samples recovered from NASA’s Stardust mission, which explored a comet and collected samples of its composition in 2004.
Pica Glass is characterized by grey, black and green colors, together with their very unique shapes, indicative of sliding, shearing, twisting, rolling and folding. Pica Glass is without a doubt a very special and unusual impactite on a worldwide level.

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