Pica Glass, a Very Unique and
Powerful Phenomenon from Chile

Pica Glass was formed by a comet exploding in the earth`s atmosphere about 12,000 years ago and is a very unique type of impactite that is creating growing interest and demand worldwide. Our company is a direct from the source, no middleman, wholesale distributor of Pica Glass located in Chile. We have a large selection of the best quality Pica Glass available anywhere, as well as very competitive pricing.

Pica Glass was discovered in 2012 in an area close to the small Atacama Desert town of Pica. These fascinating impactites originated from extremely unique circumstances, being an airburst comet that exploded with great heat and force over a section of the Atacama, producing thousands of pieces of Pica Glass, each with a special character and individuality, including their unusual nodules, bends and folds. These unique characteristics and origin have established Pica Glass as a very special variety of impact glass on a worldwide level.

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